Join us in the fight for children's health! Have a look at how you can support this cause.

Standing Up For Our Children's Health

At UpStanding Kids, we're working to get standing desks into classrooms and end the epidemic of sitting.


We've reached a critical point in the health of our children. Kids are spending up to 85% of their day sitting down. These sedentary lifestyles are not what humans were built for, and it leads to an array of health problems which can follow children through their adult lives.


The corporate world is beginning to accept the huge amount of research done on the issue of sitting, and implement changes to combat the problems caused. Why not start at the beginning-with our kids?


Not only is standing better for their health, it has also been shown to improve focus in the classroom. It allows the kids more freedom to fidget, something that children need to do. Children often have seemingly endless energy; we can't bundle all of it into a chair all day and expect the best results for their health or their learning.


Standing desks are a simple and effective solution to a big problem. Help us in our mission at UpStanding Kids. Take a stand in the cause to help our children be more engaged at school, have better health, and be more active and happy. To learn more, see the video below.

Watch the video to see Peter Parker, founder and CEO of UpStanding Kids, speak about the importance of the standing desk, and the detrimental health effects of sitting.

Thanks to Education Technology Solutions for the video.

                                SITTING VS STANDING:



A few facts:

- Standing desks allow children to fidget, which is often important in helping them focus, especially those with ADHD


- Sitting is a major factor in a range of orthopedic issues, including headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, diaphragm dysfunction, hernias and more


- Children of normal weight can burn 15-25% more calories using standing desks, while obese children can burn 25-35% more


- Our bodies compress when seated, causing many structures to switch off

Founder Peter Parker returned to his alma mater, Ivanhoe Grammar School, and didn't go empty handed. Click to read more.

New research shows some adults have a hard time adjusting to standing desks, but feel much better once they do. Imagine if there was no adjustment period. Imagine it was all a child ever knew.

Have a look at the range of desks available, so you can choose the best one for your child, your students, or your school.

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A recent study from the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health indicates that standing up may be the best thing for a child's education. Click to read more.

There are a whole lot of reasons why standing more makes happier, healthier kids. Click to see a bit of an overview of the specific benefits.

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