You may not know it but you are the most critical part of the pie!


If we want better learning outcomes for our children plus massive changes to their physical wellbeing please come forward and let us help you.


The education community needs to unite to create the momentum to bring change in policy and funding.


It is simply about creating healthier kids who will enjoy a healthier adulthood and get the very best results out of their study.





We need your help. People of all levels of experience especially in the not for profit sector.


Individuals with board experience, fundraising, marketing. People from the education sector. Talking to others is both educational and inspiring.


As our influence grows we we will need many to aid and educate our community.


Success breeds success, be part of the momentum in what will be one of the most positive success innovations in a long time for our youth.


Does this feel so relevant to what your body needs?


Have you already tried a standing desk and want to know how you can spread your message further?


Contact us and we can help in giving you the messages to take back to your school.


We can give you all the proof and courage to push for what will help not only you but the mass of peers you engage with everyday.






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