CEO Peter Parker takes standing desks to his alma mater

Founder Peter Parker returns to his old school, Melbourne's Ivanhoe Grammar, to gift standing desks into both campuses, which will be put in the communal areas of the libraries. He is seen here presenting the desk to IGS principal Gerard Foley. They were awarded as part of a grant from the Old Ivanarians Grammarians' Association (, who see the short and long term benefit to the health of the children.

Alumni associations are a great resource in gifting to their student bodies. Would your old school be interested in the same? Please contact UpStanding Kids if we can help you further in making this happen.

24-hour movement behaviour guidelines 

“On June 26 Canada released the Canadian 24 Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth.  These guidelines call for at least 60 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity, no more than two hours a day of recreational screen time”

Standing desks take some getting used to-for adults.

Photo credit to Rohan Thomson, taken from the Sydney Morning Herald.

An interesting take on the introduction of standing desks into the adult world. One which we agree with, it does take time to adjust your body to sudden change in activity and posture. Ratio of sitting to standing should be explored and done at your own pace.

But for kids the studies and experiments done around the world show they can accommodate the standing desk very easily. While in the first couple of weeks they may site sore feet or legs, they adapt much quicker than that of the adult. It must be remembered that the school environment is more diverse than an adult work space. They have floor time, recess and lunch with varied levels of activity. 

Imagine a child entering school and never getting the opportunity to sit at a desk. They assume that from day 1 to have a standing desk is normal. The benefit to their physical and mental health would be enormous. People reading this may find that challenging and hard to visualise but that is only because of what we perceive as normal, what has been done at length in the last 200 years but does not obey our laws of nature and they way we are intended to move.

Thought provoking isn’t it??

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