UpStanding Kids uses "Project Ed"


Project Ed's mission is for all Australian students to be treated equally, regardless of their demographics, and for every student to be provided with the resources and the opportunities they need to prosper.


  • If you are a teacher or principal of a school in Australia you can register your class or school as a project.

  • UpStanding Kids can help with the costings on the standing desks most appropriate to your needs.

  • Simply allocate those costings in your project with a description to your community (again we can help you through this process and template if needed).

  • Post your project online.

  • Notify and market to your school community and beyond in any means you feel appropriate.

  • When project cost fulfilled, UpStanding Kids will order and deliver desks to your school.


A great way to harness the enthusiasm and cooperative approach to your children's health

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