Outstanding Praise for UpStanding Desks

Recently some desks were trialled at a Melbourne primary school. Though the school wishes not to be identified, the trial desks earned terrific praise from the students. Their teacher,  Mrs Richie, also seemed smitten by the standing desks, saying that her students loved them, with boys in particular being drawn to them. Let’s see what the kids had to say:

“I found it comfortable because I get distracted really easily. Using the swing bar helped me read without the distraction of looking around. You can stand and stretch all the time and it feels good. The compartment means your desk isn't all packed with stuff, and I could concentrate better and breathe better. There’s nothing dangerous like sitting at desks where you just want to rock back on the chair. They don't take too much room; small, but works well. It's just right. I want one for my height at home.” -Tom, 11.

“A couple of things that I really loved about the swinging desk is that you were able to swing your legs and not get cramps. I also really liked how you could stand up, it helped my posture.
I think they are a big success and they should sell more.” –Harrison.

“[It’s] different from other desks, it’s comfortable. Best thing is being able to lean on it. Swing bar takes away your fiddles, helps [me] concentrate.” -Cooper, 10.

And some feedback from their teacher, Mrs Ritchie:


"As a teacher with 25 years + experience, I can really see the difference these desks make, especially in those students who have the wiggly-fidgets for various reasons. These students are far more capable of concentrating on their own learning rather than looking for or creating distractions around them.


I have observed far better posture as UpStanding Desks are height adjustable and this means the students are further catered for during growth periods. The desk becomes a further extension of their body in a supportive way therefore no slouching or swinging back on chairs. The students love UpStanding Desks so much that many now want them in their own homes. Having UpStanding Desks in my specialist area of education has further encouraged other staff members to have them in their classrooms."

We can’t help but agree with Harrison-we should sell more. If you’re a parent or teacher who would like to help us do this, while also improving the health of your children or students, please contact us. The more standing desks we get into homes and schools, the healthier and happier our kids will be.

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