Tell me about these standing desks!


There are plenty of reasons why we should be getting standing desks into our children's schools.


To name just a few: musculoskeletal health, caloric consumption, better breathing, and all round better learning outcomes.

Standing desks are gaining a stronger presence into the corporate arena, with many businesses realising the many health benefits. Now we need to get them to our children. There is a variety of styles on offer. At present they are expensive, usually going upwards from the $1000 mark. They go up and down using electric hydraulic mechanisms that enable the user to spend varied amounts of time both sitting and standing.


There are also brand new products entering the country specifically for kids. Each of the desks below are just arriving here or are on their way. What's important is that the demand is there and we are here to facilitate the awareness and best deals for our kids.


Please note: UpStanding Kids has no affiliation or financial interests in any desks we show. 

We will assist and facilitate the purchase of desks where we can help, with any proceeds going back into the fundraising for our not for profit. All people involved are volunteers and receive no financial benefit or renumeration from UpStanding Kids.


Alphabetter from Safco.


We are currently in discussions with the supplier of this desk, to figure out how we can best get the distribution into schools.


Please note, UpStanding Kids has no interest or bias in this desk, we will explore other options as we get a chance to look at their samples.


For children, this is the ideal desk set up.


The key components we need are:

  • Much smaller in surface size, matching their current sitting desks approx 28" by 20" so they can all fit snugly together with little overhang on frame.

  • Storage, need a box or similar underneath for their books etc - there is very little on the market like this at present.

  • Fidget bar, a swinging footrest that enables the child user to move shift from one foot to the other helping to abate any fatigue from standing. Research has shown time and time again that kids NEED to move - this is one of the main tenants of why better learning outcomes occur.

  • Slide up and down with push pin settings that once set not altered unless a new child takes over that desk. most durable mechanism to change height. Do not want warranty and/or maintenance issues for the schools who are already on very tight budgets.

  • Wheels, may help where teacher is using different learning areas within the class or if breaking up into groups. (Lockable when stationary)

  • Adjustable stools, only used sporadically when child tires. Best outcomes seem to be when only a few in the room as children find they do not to sit at all once used to the desk.

  • Each child measured up very easily to ensure standing desk at the right height for them.

LearnFit™ Adjustable Standing Desk


Transform classrooms into active learning environments with on-demand adjustable student desks. With the simple use of a hand lever, students can change the height of their desktops so that they can work and collaborate in the way that is natural for them.


This is a brand new design from ergotron that is not due into the country until mid September. We will be getting a sample in as soon as possible so we can show the people who are interested.


This may be the ideal option for secondary students.


Jaswig is a Belgium company looking to enter the Australian market.



Child safety first: The desk is designed for optimal stability, eliminating pinch-points and easily locks in-place to prevent unwanted adjustments.


Carefully selected materials: FSC-certified baltic birch plywood durably finished with Low VOC & formaldehyde free varnish.  


- Processed and manufactured locally.

- Lightweight and simple structure for increased functionality.

- Easy to put in groups or rows.

- Simple to lift and move around for cleaning staff. 

- Optional book shelf, hanger for backpack.






Marvel focus desk

Marvel focus is a US company looking to enter the Australian Market

"The revoluntionary sit/stand student desk" 


  • Allows students to adjust desk height within seconds, relatively fuss free and simple solution requiring no assistance or tools.

  • Adjustable and mobile desk allowing students to change the height throughout the day to accomodate different activities or rearrage the classroom with ease. 

  • Fitted with privacy screens for testing or for those students who need a more focused environment. 

  • Large stoarge area that will house laptops, books and materials, a dedicated storage shelf for tablets as well as a hanging file system within easy reach for organising papers and student work. 

  • Utility hook to store backpacks, keeping them out of the way. 


Adustable spring lever assisted from 26" - 36" in height

Extra large desks avaliable. 


Zest Desk

Zest Desk originated through founder Dr. Peter Moore suffering his own back injury, and necessitating a standing working station for himself...and by extension, when he realised the benefits, everyone else!


  • Platform for a laptop has a non slip rubber strip to increase grip

  • Table top is non scratch, with a matte finish

  • Can sit on top of an existing desk

  • Two fully adjustable tiers to ensure perfect posture!

  • Can fold into a carry case with a handle in 30 seconds, for maximum flexibility


Stand 2 Learn was formed through the Texas A&M Health Science Centre, after research into several ergonomic interventions that could led to breakthroughs in physical and mental well-being in classroom and office environments.


  • Angled desk surfaces promote fine and visual motor skills while also reducing eye strain throughout the day

  • Also comes in double and triple form, where multiple individuals or students can collaborate and learn together on the one desk

  • Footrest attached to the desk for when a stool or other seat is used

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