Take a minute to discover what drives UpStanding Kids to break the sitting epidemic in our kids.


Explore how these desks work and listen to founder Peter Parker explain some key tips highlighting the importance of our children's health.

Welcome to Upstanding Kids!

Here's a brief introduction into the company from Peter Parker, detailing the misson of our organization.

All you have to do is put it together!

Peter Parker and his father Dennis assemble the first Safco desk to be brought into Australia. This sample will be pride of place when talking through the benefits of standing desks for children in our schools.

Standing up to childhood obesity

Peter Parker highlights one of the main positives behind standing desks in combating the rising childhood obesity epidemic.


Discover how this simple solution can help reduce waistlines and improve future health.

The first desk arrives for our kids

Peter Parker, Osteopath and founder of UpStanding Kids, welcomes the first Safco desk for kids into Australia! 

Stop and take a look: Safco Alphabetter desk

Peter Parker and his two girls present the first Safco desk into the country showing off it's main features.


This sample that will be on show to anyone interested, and will hopefully be the first of many into Australia and into our schools.

How a watchful eye can help growing bones

Take the time to assess your children's growth, looking for any strain or imbalance in their structure.


Peter Parker, Osteopath and founder of UpStanding Kids, gives a brief guide on how to get an impression of their growth patterns, and how you may be able to exert some influence.

UpStanding Kids in action for top Melbourne school

This is what UpStanding Kids is all about! Watch as we assemble and place a desk into one of Melbourne's top schools, for trial in their junior school library.


We will be working with them closely to monitor reaction, use by students and feedback from staff.


Remember, we are a charity and we are here to help, anywhere from basic enquiry to fulfiling orders of whichever desk is most appropriate for your home or school.

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